Stoney Plains Rottweilers and Pet Boarding Kennel

Marbrooks Gracie (Gracie)

"Personal Protection Dog"

Marbrooks Gracie (Gracie) 2010-2019

Hips/Elbows - good RO-72332G24F-VPI/RO-EL8546F24-VPI

Eyes- good R0-369771 (11)

Cardiac  - good R0-CA5316/19F/C-VPI

Chic # - 82465 (Good to Excellent)

Gracie has trained to be a great working, PP (personal protection)dog, she is also our official nanny and guide to our new additions to the family.

"I'll tell you like it is kid"




Marbrook's Gracie - Argos Vom Bullenfeld(USA), Sire

No Photo


                                         - Bracko's One Smooth Adventure, Dam

No Photo



Argos's Vom Bullenfeld(USA)- Ganto Vom Hause Porthun SchHIII, Sire

                                                              - Tiffany Vom Bullenfeld, Dam


Bracko's One Smooth Adventure- Marbrook Jailhouse Roc, Sire

 No photo

                                                                    - Bravamar's I Love Lucy, Dam

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