StoneyPlains Rottweilers

Some of Our Rottweiler Family

We are the only Code of Ethics Rottweiler breeder in Manitoba, Canada and every dog we own, we own for life.

Welcome to Stoney Plains Rottweilers, located in the quiet country setting of Dauphin, Manitoba. Having the Rottweiler breed for over 20 years and using them to work by herding livestock, it was just time before we wanted to continue the use of the Rottweiler on the farm. This brought us to decide to select, train and breed a tempermant of Rottweiler that would not only herd and protect our livestock but go for car rides and sit on the couch and watch TV during the down times. 



Rottweiler Club of Canada

Canadian Kennel Club

Canine Health Information Center: CHIC Info

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