Stoney Plains Kennel

Celina Dunfield RVT/Owner
I have worked in the Veterinary field for over 19 years after deciding to purchase the Mountian View Kennel in 2016. Using my knowledge of dog behaviour learned from my profession and private life I was able to adapt the kennel into a more relaxed enjoyable experience. As you can see from my website I own and show Rottweilers, being introduced to this sport 5 years ago by my mentor Brenda Panko. Studying canine health and genetics has made me determined to provide the most healthy dogs and to keep to my breed standard as best I can. Animal health is very important and that is reflected in the care I provide all my kennel clients and show dogs.
Broadening the dog sport experience I have been introduced to agility, rally and drafting and hope to make these sports available to the public at our new canine facility.

Loni Groshuk/ PR Specialist, Kennel Assistant and Go To Lady
Loni is the lady you will most likely talk to when messaging or calling to make a reservation for your pet. She is also our morning staff and is responsible for all care of your pets while they are staying with us.
Born and raised in Sifton on a small farm with a variety of animals to care for, Loni is not a stranger to hard work and dedication. She adores all animals and is evident in how she cares and is concerned about the pets in our care. Loni has a young daughter that she is raising and is instilling values and empathy to all creatures they encounter.
Loni has furthered her education to include business administration where she is able to apply her training with various female run small businesses in areas of PR and advertising this includes our kennel where we are happy for her expertise. 
When not working she likes to do automotive work, go quading and sit by the bonfire with friends and family. She loves to be part of the team and we at Stoney Plains Kennel are proud to have Loni part of our small team.

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