Stoney Plains Pet Cremations

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated in death"

Stoney Plains Cremations offer both private cremation services (ashes back) and communal cremation services (no ashes back).

We offer pick-up and drop off services for clients in the surrounding Dauphin area. 

Currently we partner with the Dauphin, Ste. Rose Vet Clinic, Province of Manitoba, Clover Vet Services and Uptown Pet Clinic and will make arrangements with those clinics to pick up and deliver your pets ashes back to those clinics. Because we are local you do not have to wait 2 months for your beloved pet to be returned to you. The usual wait time is usually 14days.

Private cremation ashes are delivered in a choice of black or white hammered, matte or mother of pearl urn. Special urns are available at request with engraving at an additional price.

We are a local service and take pride in providing this lasting service in remembrance of your cherished pet.

Please call us if your special pet has passed on and we can help you make arrangements for after death preparations.


Special Urns

Contact for pricing (can also be ordered online by the client)

Complementary Private Cremation Urn Choices

We encourage you to visit our kennel to pick an urn of your choosing and view some examples of tag combinations.

New to Stoney Plains Cremations, Biodegradable Urns

About Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable cremation urns are a natural choice for the growing number of people who are looking for earth-friendly options in the products they buy.

Together with cost savings, concern for the environment is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. In keeping with the spirit of “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust"—a phrase from the centuries-old burial rite in the Book of Common Prayer—cremation is seen by many as the most ecologically sound means of disposing of bodily remains.

No wonder, then, that among people who choose cremation, biodegradable cremation urns have also become a popular choice to hold the cremated remains of their loved ones.

About Salt Urns

Crafted from solid blocks of Himalayan salt, a salt urn is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind container to hold the ashes of a loved one. These cremation urns are completely biodegradable and will dissolve completely in water after several hours. Because they are made from natural materials, no two are exactly alike.

Salt urns are an excellent choice for water burials, as the entire container will dissolve slowly in water over about 4 hours. As long as they are protected from moisture, however, these beautiful urns can also be placed on display in a home. The lid does not seal on its own, however, as these urns are made from natural materials.

Grecian Urn

This biodegradable grecian cremation urn is made of handmade biodegradable material. These urns are suitable for ground burial or displaying in your home. Biodegradable bag not included. Due to the nature of this handmade product, color and pattern may slightly vary.

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