Stoney Plains Kennel


Dogs must be current and up to date for DHLP-P, Rabies vaccinations and Bordatella immunization. Bordatella reduces the likelihood that your pet will contract one of the many varieties of this airborne virus. It must be given at least 10 days prior to your dog's stay in order to provide maximum protection. 

Cats must be current for FVRCP, leukemia(vet recommended) and Rabies vaccinations.

We will not accept unvaccinated pets at any time. We will not accept unvaccinated puppies or litters of puppies at any time.

Please not not all viruses are covered with vaccines and some upper respiratory viruses can be contracted in any kennel environment.


If your pet is on medication, we will be happy to administer most medications and treatments. A nominal fee will be charged. Mark all medications with your pet's name, dosage, and condition being treated. Please alert us to any recent illness your pet may have suffered or of any special temperament problems we may experience, so that we are equipped to manage any situation which may arise. We have a trained Veterinary Technologist staff to administer all medications and will transport your pet to your requested veterinary clinic if needed during its stay.

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