Stoney Plains Kennel

What to pack

If your pet has not boarded at the Stoney Plains Kennels before please ensure you bring a copy of their current health certificate so that we may keep it on file. 

We provide sanitary food/water bowls. Blankets,toys and chew bones are welcome and request that you identify all of your pet's belongings with your pet's name in indelible marker to avoid mix-ups. We are not responsible for the replacement or return of lost items but we do keep a current lost and found.

Due to tummy upset and diarrhea we do not provide food. Please bring enough food to cover your pets stay. We have fridges for canned food storage and specialty diets, if required.

Our kennel is equipped with Fortiflora feline and canine probiotics for tummy upsets and diarrhea at a cost of $1.50 per day. Your pet may be given this product if they have stress diarrhea, owner will cover the cost.

Special Diets and Supplements

We do our best to ensure your pet is fed its special diets and supplements. Owners must realize that we have many pets on site and we cannot ensure your pet will eat their diet or supplements every time. If your pet has medical issues that could be impacted by boarding we suggest home nanny care.

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